Osteopatia w Centrum Osteopatii i Rehabilitacji Alternativa
Find out more about manual form of treating ailments
Rehabilitacja i fizykoterapia
Individual approach
Professional help provided by qualified therapists with many years of practice
Uporczywy ból krzyża. Centrum Osteopatii i Rehabilitacji ALternativa
Persistent lower back pain?
Learn more about the causes of the most common pain.
Trafna diagnoza i skuteczne leczenie dolegliwości
Correct diagnosis and effective
treatment of ailments
Make aware choices about effective improvement of your health.
Nowoczesne metody terapii
Tested therapy methods
Take advantage of our experience. We use modern, proven and scientifically supported methods of therapy.
Jak radzić sobie z bólem głowy. Centrum Osteopatii i Rehabilitacji Alternativa
Bothersome headaches?
Check how to deal with this common ailment.
bezpieczna terapia w Alternativa
Safe Therapy
We help you recover and keep fit.

Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Clinic Alternativa

mission statement

Our goal is to provide every client with careful evaluation to determine cause of illness, followed by delivery of individually designed treatment program and just treating symptoms. You will be provided with professional and confidential care. Patients of all ages are welcome.

Accurate diagnosis

I diagnose the cause and provide the best treatment possible.

A professional therapist

I always try to be at the highest level of honesty and professionalism.

Individual approach

I care about you and the success of your individual therapy.

Our therapy methods

How do we work

We encourage you to use our experience to enable you to make more aware choices about how to effectively improve your health, prevent disease and alternative forms of treating ailments.

Zygmunt Łukasz Borkowski - dyplomowany osteopata -Rehabilitacja i fizykoterapia w Centrum Osteopatii i Rehabilitacji Alternativa

Zygmunt Łukasz Borkowski

Diplomate in osteopathy,
Physical therapist

Meet our specialists

our therapists

I have over 25 years of experience in treating patients and I constantly improve my professional qualifications.

My main goal in everyday clinical practice is to offer a comprehensive diagnosis and osteopathic treatment of fascial and musculoskeletal complaints as an alternative to pharmacologically driven traditional medical approach. Among other I provide osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions and disorders of the digestive and urogenital tract in adults and children.

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Are you a new patient? ?

If this is your first time going to our office, here you will find more information on how to prepare.

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